Listening habits

Here are my most listened to artists, year by year, for the past decade. These stats were collected from my digital media player and don't reflect all the physical records I also spun during this time period. I have had intermittent access to my music library since 2018 (moving between multiple countries) and have downloaded almost no new music since then.

2010 graph 2011 graph 2012 graph 2013 graph 2014 graph 2015 graph 2016 graph 2017 graph 2018 graph 2019 graph

Not very diverse. Here are the numbers of times my favorite artists have appeared in an annual top ten chart.

6 Tuxedomoon
5 Momus
4 The Associates
4 Death in June
3 Tindersticks
3 Throwing Muses
3 Rome
3 Prefab Sprout
3 Brahim Yilmaz
2 The Shadow Ring
2 Talk Talk
2 Simon Bookish
2 Rudimentary Peni
2 Mishio Ogawa
2 Jun Togawa
2 James Ferraro
2 Henry Cow
2 Haniwa-chan
2 Fred Frith
2 Faust'o
2 Especia
2 Arthur Russell
2 Art Bears
2 Akiko Yano

I thought I exposed myself to a wide variety of sounds over the past 10 years, but it looks like I've maintained clear favorites throughout.

The homogeneity of my tastes becomes even more apparent when these artists are broken down by nationality.

Top artists by nationality

It's a damning graph, but it also makes sense. I speak English and I lived in Japan for half the decade. It'd be weirder if I were an expert on Bolivian folk music.